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What You Need to Know

We founded Snabies & Moore with one principle in mind - providing an incredible shopping experience for our customers. We work hard to provide exceptional customer service and pride ourselves on never straying from our founding principles. Check out our store policies below and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require further information.


In the rare chance you have a DOA please send a clear pic or video of snail in water within 2 hour of delivery time. I will refund the cost of the DOA snabie or ship replacement.  SHIPPING IS NON-REFUNDABLE and buyer must cover cost of replacement snabies.


Shipping costs will vary based on the number of snails you purchase, the type of shipping you would like, and the distance snabies will travel.


Snabies are shipped in a corrugate cardboard box. The box is insulated with foil foam, foam sheets, or insulated bubble wrap to help with insulation and cushion.  They will be in a plastic container or Styrofoam cup.  Each snabie will be wrapped individually in a wet paper towel. Depending on the temperature while traveling a cooling/heating pack will be added at the cost of buyer.  


Snabies have access to veggies around the clock, blanched zucchini and unsalted green beans are their preference. They also eat Snail Mix, Fit Sticks, Veggie S’Moores, and Shell-O’s.  It is important that any foods fed to your snabies DOES NOT contain Vitamin D3 or COPPER. Both can be toxic even deadly to your snabies. Diet variation of things that include protein and calcium will ensure good shell growth/color/shape and a happy snabie.


Snabies current tank parameters:

pH – 8.4

Ammonia – 0

Nitrite – 0

Nitrate – 10ppm

GH – 4

KH -19

Temperature – 74° (This will allow snaibies to grow slowly and have thick healthy shells.)

It is very important that the pH and water hardness (calcium levels) be where they need to be to ensure healthy growth.


Prior to delivery have your tank cycled and ready for your snabies! In order to check the life of the snabie(s) please remove container from box and allow it to reach room temperature (adding to water temperatures colder than what they were shipped in may cause dormancy). Have a container ready and carefully unwrap each snaibie (each snail will be wrapped in their own paper towel), squeeze excess water out of the damp paper towels in container.  Carefully place Snabies into container with shipping water.  Float container in the tank they will be added to. Slowly add a small amount of the tank water to get snails acclimated to new tank conditions for the next 15-20 minutes.  After snails are up and moving generally after 30 minutes to an hour add them to the tank. Snabies have been fasted for 24 hours prior to shipping so they should stir quickly to eat if you add a tasty snack to the container as they float. Use one of the include sample snacks.